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2022-2023 General Catalog 
2022-2023 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Programs



OFFICE 108 Hatcher Hall
TELEPHONE 225-578-3820
FAX 225-578-1413
E-MAIL intlprograms@lsu.edu
WEBSITE http://www.lsu.edu/intlpro

The International Programs (IP) office at LSU is tasked with leading and supporting LSU’s global presence and increasing LSU’s international profile in teaching, research, and learning in alignment with today’s global challenges. Complementing Louisiana’s rich international history, IP is the port of global connectivity for LSU faculty, staff, and students. In addition to guiding the internationalization process for the university, four IP units facilitate global learning experiences on campus and abroad. The Office of  Global Partnerships (OGP) develops and manages global initiatives and partnerships; Academic Programs Abroad (APA) provides study abroad, international research, international internships, global service-learning, study away, and National Student Exchange experiences for students.; the International Services Office (ISO) provides immigration advice and counseling to international students, scholars, and faculty; and the International Cultural Center (ICC) oversees international student engagement and intercultural activities.

Through its four units, IP seeks to: 

  • Support and promote global learning, research, and scholarship.
  • Ensure that global learning and research experiences are accessible, inclusive, and ethical.
  • Promote campus-wide engagement in international educational experiences both on campus and abroad.
  • Create a welcoming campus environment for international students and scholars.
  • Foster mutually beneficial international partnerships in line with university strategic priorities.

Academic Programs Abroad

DIRECTOR Angela Miller, EdD
OFFICE 105 Hatcher Hall
TELEPHONE 225-578-6802
FAX 225-578-6806
E-MAIL studyabroad@lsu.edu
WEBSITE http://www.lsu.edu/intlpro/apa/

Academic Programs Abroad (APA) provides opportunities for global learning and engagement through study abroad, international internships, international research, global service-learning programs, and study away domestic programs. Students can participate in short-term, semester-long, and academic year-long programs while earning credits toward their LSU degree. Increasingly, employers and graduate schools seek graduates with international experiences, agile thinkers, and innovative problem solvers. Through study abroad, students learn how to engage with others from around the world while being immersed in learning their discipline in a global context, gaining hands-on research and internship experience, learning foreign languages, and forging new relationships. While abroad, students develop global competencies that help them to differentiate themselves in the global marketplace, earn higher salaries, and gain admission to graduate schools.

LSU students can select from exchange or direct enroll programs at preeminent universities or study abroad with our outstanding faculty who lead study abroad programs. Through the National Student Exchange program, students can also participate in study away domestic exchange programs to over 170 universities in the U.S. and Canada. Qualified students who enroll in study abroad for a semester or academic year may use TOPS and most LSU scholarships and federal financial aid. Other scholarship opportunities specifically for study abroad are also available.

For more information, visit the Academic Programs Abroad website or email studyabroad@lsu.edu.

International Services

DIRECTOR Annette Burris
OFFICE 111 Hatcher Hall
TELEPHONE 225-578-7210
FAX 225-578-1413
E-MAIL isograd@lsu.edu
WEBSITE http://www.lsu.edu/intlpro/is/

International Services (ISO) provides immigration advisory services to international students regarding their educational, financial, immigration, and personal concerns. Similar services are available to international faculty, staff, and research scholars. International Services is responsible for providing the U.S. student visa-related documents of F and J nonimmigrant students based on financial and immigration eligibility after university admission. ISO is responsible for the university’s federal regulation compliance with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Immigration, and other federal agencies.

All F and J nonimmigrant international students seeking permission to work off campus must receive approval from this office through U.S. federal regulations.

ISO assists with the coordination of the university’s international student services and programs with community organizations, faculty, campus and student groups, and governmental and private agencies. At this office, international students may apply for very small, short-term personal emergency loans through the University valued at $500 or less depending on availability. 

All F and J visa status holders are automatically billed for the mandatory university International Student Service Charge (ISSC) and the LSU Student Health Insurance Plan each semester of registration.

International Cultural Center

  3365 Dalrymple Drive
TELEPHONE 225-342-3084
FAX 225-342-0864
E-MAIL icc@lsu.edu
WEBSITE http://www.lsu.edu/intlpro/icc

The mission of the International Cultural Center (ICC) is to celebrate international diversity, foster global understanding and awareness, and enhance internationalization efforts throughout the LSU and Baton Rouge community. The ICC does this by providing institutional support and engagement for international students and scholars as well as offering meaningful programming and international experiences on campus to all students, faculty, staff, and the greater capital area community. The ICC’s programming supports students from orientation to graduation, bolstering the international community through each step of their journey at LSU. The ICC’s educational, cultural, and social support and programming contributes to greater global awareness, understanding, and exchange at LSU.

The ICC also offers its space for rent throughout the year to the LSU campus and capital area community. Situated close to the University Lakes, the ICC is an ideal location for a variety of events, from meetings to workshops to social programs. Rental fees are dependent on the requestor’s association to LSU and can be found on the ICC’s website.

The ICC envisions a welcoming campus environment where students, faculty, staff, and Baton Rouge residents value cultural diversity and actively engage in our global community. 

Global Partnerships

DIRECTOR Tye Tavaras
OFFICE 109 Hatcher Hall
TELEPHONE 225-578-1915
FAX 225-578-1413
E-MAIL partnerships@lsu.edu
WEBSITE http://www.lsu.edu/intlpro/

The Office of Global Partnerships (OGP) encourages, supports, and cultivates ethical and impactful international partnerships and global engagement. OGP uses its resources to elevate LSU’s visibility as an innovative, collaborative, and globally impactful university.

OGP manages the international agreement process in concert with the Office of General Counsel and all risk and compliance offices on campus. OGP also facilitates funding opportunities to support global engagement for faculty, staff, and students.

OGP fosters cross-department collaboration and works in partnership to promote a diverse, vibrant, and welcoming campus. OGP coordinates inbound student and scholar exchange and provides support services, such as pre-arrival orientation and advising, in collaboration with the International Cultural Center and the International Services Office. OGP provides similar services for international visiting scholars, welcoming them to the LSU campus and to the greater Baton Rouge community.