Student ID:__________________________ Student Name:_______________________ Adviser Name:_______________________ Catalog: 2018-2019 General Catalog Degrees programs/curriculums/majors: LGBTQ Studies Minor Minimum Credits Required:__________________

LGBTQ Studies Minor

To graduate with a minor in LGBTQ Studies, students must complete 18 hours from the following:

  • SW 2500 

and select five (no more than two from the same department; at least three must be upper-level) from: †ARTH 4420, †ARTH 4499, CFS 4065, EDCI 2400, EDCI 3001, EDCI 4800, ENGL 2593, ENGL 2716/LING 2716, †HIST 4197, KIN 2600, KIN 2604, POLI 4028, SW 7406*, SOCL 4463, SOCL 4521, THTR 4021, THTR 7923*, WGS 1001, WGS 2200, WGS 2500, WGS 2900, WGS 3150, WGS 4541, or ELRC 7393*, ELRC 7600*.

(* Undergraduates with 75 or more semester hours who are making timely progress toward a degree may be admitted to 7000 level courses. Such students must have a 3.50 or higher GPA, the appropriate prerequisites, consent of the instructor, and permission of the dean of the student’s undergraduate college. Credit so earned will apply only toward undergraduate degree requirements, except for students enrolled in an accelerated master’s degree program.)

† Special Topics courses are eligible for the LGBTQ Studies minor ONLY when the content is relevant to LGBTQ studies and with permission of the instructor and the School of Social Work.

NOTE: Other courses may be considered for the LGBTQ Studies minor with permission of the instructor and the School of Social Work. An updated list of approved courses is available on the School of Social Work website (