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2015-2016 General Catalog 
2015-2016 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Information Systems & Decision Sciences

OFFICE Business Education Complex, Suite 2200
TELEPHONE 225-578-2126
FAX 225-578-2511

For information regarding the GRADUATE PROGRAM, click here.  

What is ISDS?

ISDS, or Information Systems and Decision Sciences​, is basically an organization’s application of computer technology to help achieve its goals. Professionals in this field understand both the technical and non-technical factors vital to an organization’s strategic advantage and superior performance. The Information Systems and Decision Sciences curriculum deals with the analysis, design, and implementation of business processes and the information technology to support these processes in an organization.

Opportunities in ISDS

Areas: Analysis, Business Application Development, Database Administration, Design, Executive Administration, Support, Systems Integration

Employers: Computer Companies, Consulting Firms, Educational Institutions, Entertainment Companies, Financial Institutions, Government, Healthcare Organizations, Hotels and Restaurants, Insurance Companies, Public Accounting Firms, Retailers, Telecommunications Companies

B.S. in Information Systems and Decision Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in ISDS is a 120-hour degree program with several learning objectives for students:

  • Support a successful analysis design and implementation of an IT project
  • Analyze the facts, obtain user requirements, design a system meeting these requirements, and implement the system
  • Communicate clearly and effectively in both writing and oral presentations
  • Work effectively as a team leader
  • Understand the role of database management systems
  • Understand the principles of telecommunications design
Personal Computer Requirement

Students must have their own personal laptop computer before taking ISDS core courses (ISDS 3107 , ISDS 3100 , ISDS 3110 , ISDS 4113 , or for any courses for which these four courses are prerequisite). Contact the Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences​ regarding type, specifications, and software.