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2013-2014 General Catalog 
2013-2014 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Information Systems & Decision Sciences (Graduate Program)

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Program Overview

The Department of Information Systems & Decision Sciences (ISDS) offers two graduate degree programs: the MS in ISDS and the PhD in Business Administration with a concentration in ISDS. These programs are discussed below.


Helmut Schneider, Chair
James Van Scotter, MS Program Advisor
Rudy Hirschheim, PhD Program Advisor
TELEPHONE 225-578-2126
FAX 225-578-2511
E-MAIL isds@lsu.edu
WEBSITE www.bus.lsu.edu/academics/isds/

Minor in ISDS

Students minoring in ISDS must take 12 hours of 5000 level or higher courses. At least six hours must be ISDS PhD core courses, i.e., ISDS 7950 , ISDS 7080 , ISDS 7081 .

Students with a major outside the E. J. Ourso College of Business may be required to enroll in one or more remedial courses before taking other courses in the department.

Students minoring in ISDS and with a GPA less than 3.5 in ISDS courses shall be required to take a four-hour written exam designed and evaluated by their minor professor.

The evaluation of the written exam shall be reported to the graduate advisor in the student’s major department rather than to the student.

Graduate Faculty

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Ye-Sho Chen (M) • Global eBusiness, knowledge management, technological entrepreneurship, doing business in China
Young H. Chun (M) • Probabilistic modeling, software quality management, decision analysis, information economics, data mining
Rudy Hirschheim (M) • Information systems management and development, IT sourcing, philosophy of science, serviceoriented architecture
Andrea Houston (M) • Knowledge management and information retrieval, medical informatics and human factors, digital libraries, natural language processing, organizational memory, and team effectiveness
Laurene L. Hutchinson (3P) • Database, SQL server, and IT audit
Peter Kelle (M) • Supply chain management, buyer-supplier negotiations, enterprise systems, and inventory management
Suzanne Pawlowski (M) • IT and organizational learning, knowledge management, IT workforce, adoption and diffusion of IT, and qualitative research methods
Helmut Schneider (M) • Total quality management, supply chain management, data mining, and statistical analysis of crash data
Andrew Schwarz (M) • IT acceptance, adoption and use, IT governance, IT-business alignment; implementation and diffusion of technology within organizations, and future technology trends
Joni A. Shreve (3P) • Data mining and predictive modeling with an emphasis on classification analysis
Omer Soysal (3F) • Computer Vision, Medical Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technologies, and Transportation Safety
James Van Scotter (M) • eCommerce and communication, IT workforce, research methods and measurement
Kari L. Walters (3P) • Educational technology and designing courses for students with disabilities
Edward Watson (M) • Enterprise systems and eBusiness, adoption and diffusion of IT, organizational impact of IT, decision support, strategic use, and simulation
Sonja Wiley-Patton (M) • Medical informatics, bioinformatics, IT adoption and diffusion, eCommerce, and organizational and social impacts of IT

Degree Programs



    Doctor of PhilosophyMaster of Science

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