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2020-2021 General Catalog 
2020-2021 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Screen Arts (Interdepartmental Program)

OFFICE 136 Allen Hall
TELEPHONE 225-578-5876
WEBSITE https://www.lsu.edu/hss/scrn/index.php

The Screen Arts Program offers an Undergraduate Major and Minor as well as a Graduate Minor.  The program is intended to provide students with a unified experience in the large and complex field of film, video, television, and web-based studies and to develop professional knowledge in what is often described as the premier 20th and 21st century art form.

The degree is designed to recognize the range and history of the discipline while also focusing on particular areas that fit students’ intellectual interests and aiding their current professional development and employment possibilities.  The heart of the program is provided by a robust, core curriculum of theory, history, and production, with further electives designed according to student interest.

This core body of work is contained within a 120-hour degree program that includes a traditional general education component, broad exposure to the study of film and media as well as substantive coursework as noted in the following descriptions of available concentrations in Production, Screenwriting, and History/Theory/Criticism.

For additional requirements for general education courses and approved electives, see “Degree Requirements for the College .”


    Bachelor of ArtsNon-Degree