Nov 28, 2023  
2022-2023 General Catalog 
2022-2023 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Accounting

OFFICE Business Education Complex, Suite 2800
TELEPHONE 225-578-6202
FAX 225-578-6201

For information regarding the GRADUATE PROGRAM, click here.  

What is Accounting?

Accounting, the language of business, defines transactions so they can be used to describe business activities. Learning this language allows you to communicate and understand the financial operations of any and all types of organizations. To help with learning this language is the Department of Accounting faculty, who publish articles in top academic and professional journals, write textbooks and trade books, and are active participants in the accounting profession.

Opportunities in Accounting

Areas: Auditing, Corporate Accounting, Government Accounting, Information Systems, Tax Planning/Compliance, and Assurance and Tax.

Employers: Public Accounting Firms, Government Agencies, Banks/Financial Institutions, Energy Companies, Healthcare Industry, Manufacturing Companies, Consulting Practices, Service Companies

Professions: ​Tax Professional, External Auditor, Financial Accountant, Financial Manager, Budget Director, Internal Auditor, Investment Strategist, Entrepreneur. Refer to the E. J. Ourso College section for admission requirements.

Students are required to earn at least a grade of “C” in each accounting course taken. For an accounting course to qualify as a pre-requisite for another accounting course, it is necessary that a grade of “C” or better be earned in the prerequisite course.  Accounting majors must earn a 2.0 average in all accounting courses taken.

To become a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Louisiana, applicants must have at least 150 hours of college credit.  Visit for details on specific education requirements to take the CPA exam as a Louisiana candidate.

BS in Accounting

The bachelor of accounting is a 120-hour program that educates students to show proficiency in accounting technology, demonstrate research skills, defend proposed solutions to accounting problems, and improve communication skills.

The bachelor of accounting is a 120-hour program with several learning objectives for students:

  • Technical competence in financial accounting, taxation, and auditing.
  • Show proficiency in accounting technologies.
  • Demonstrate research skills.
  • Create well-written documents on accounting topics.
  • Deliver an effective oral presentation on an accounting topic.
  • Defend proposed solutions to accounting problems.
  • Work effectively in a team environment to generate an acceptable solution to an accounting problem.
  • Work productively and professionally with co-workers and supervisors to accomplish job tasks.