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2014-2015 General Catalog 
2014-2015 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Art

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  • Studio Art

LSU is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art & Design. Through the College of Art & Design, the School of Art offers the professional BFA degree in Studio Art with concentrations in ceramics, digital art, graphic design, painting and drawing, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. In addition, students concentrating in these areas may minor in art history, ceramics, painting and drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and visual communications. All studio art classes meet for two class hours per semester hour of credit. Outside of regular class time, students are expected to engage in a minimum of one additional hour of studio work per hour of credit.

Certain courses offered by the school require fees to defray the cost of consumable materials used by students. This information is included in the individual course syllabus.

Enrollment in certain required art courses may be restricted to “majors and minors only” early in the registration process.

Registration for all multiple credit courses taken for more than three credits in a given semester will require prior permission of the instructor.

Personal Computer Requirement

Students accepted into the Digital Art and Graphic Design curricula are required to have their own wireless Internet access laptop computer prior to entering the second year of study. Likewise, students admitted to the Visual Communications Minor are required to have their own laptop computer. Information regarding the type, specifications, and software may be obtained in room 123 Art Building or on the School of Art website.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree provides the liberal education and specialized instruction needed for a professional career in the visual arts.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the program for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art is a selective two-part process. The first phase occurs when a student who is admitted by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions indicates a preference for studio art, where the primary tools for selecting candidates are high school academic GPA and ACT or SAT scores. However, students who think they would be better represented with an existing portfolio should contact the School of Art office to schedule an on-campus interview.

Students who are approved for admission into the Foundations Program will be notified in writing. Students who are not approved may choose to pursue a Minor in Fine Art.

The second phase of the admission process takes place upon conclusion of the first year with the completion of: ART 1011 , ART 1012 , ART 1847 , and a course from the student’s intended concentration, listed below. Students will submit a portfolio of creative work specified by their prospective area of concentration, based on art work produced in the required first-year foundation courses. The remaining foundation courses must be completed in the fourth semester. Students who pass the portfolio review may pursue their concentration and any studio art minor listed in the LSU General Catalog.

The Foundations Program

The Foundations Program is comprised of a total of eight courses (24 credits). Four of these courses are required for all students in the School of Art: ART 1011 , ART 1012 , ART 1360 , and ART 1847 . Another four courses should be selected from the following, with the student’s future concentration in mind: ART 1661 1+3, ART 1762 3+4, ART 1848 1,2,3,4+ 6, ART 1849 4, ART 2050 1,2,5+ 6, ART 2655 , ART 2995 1,2,5+ 6. Please find course descriptions in the General Catalog under **COURSE SEARCH** Art; and review the degree path for each concentration you are considering.

1 Required for the printmaking concentration.

2 Required for the graphic design concentration.

3 Required for the ceramics and sculpture concentrations.

4 Required for the painting and drawing concentration.

5 Required for the photography concentration.

6 Required for the digital art concentration.

Transfer Students

Transfer students from other institutions will be considered for admission to the Studio Art program and/or Foundations Program on a space-available basis. The same applies to students already enrolled at LSU who wish to transfer into the Studio Art program. Transfer students are strongly encouraged to apply for admission by February 15 for entry in the fall semester.

Substitution credit for art courses taken elsewhere will be considered if they are equivalent to courses required for the curriculum in Studio Art. Consideration will also be given to courses taken through an art program accredited by NASAD. Additionally, transferring students are expected to submit a portfolio of work completed in relevant courses for evaluation by faculty within the chosen concentration.

“D” Grades and Repetition of Courses

Studio Art majors must pass all required art and art history courses with a grade of “C” or better. A student who earns a “D” or “F” must retake the course.

Studio Art Foundations (24 credits)ART 1011 , ART 1012 , ART 1360 , ART 1847 . Completion of four of the following seven courses: ART 1661 1+3, ART 1762 3+4, ART 1848 1,2,3,4+6, ART 1849 4, ART 2050 1,2,5+6, ART 2655 , and/or ART 2995 1,2,5+6

1 Required for the printmaking concentration.

2 Required for the graphic design concentration.

3 Required for both the ceramics and sculpture concentrations.

4 Required for the painting and drawing concentration.

5 Required for the photography concentration.

6 Required for the digital art concentration.

Studio Electives (6-15 credits)

Art History Requirements (15 credits)ARTH 1440 , ARTH 1441 , three credit hours above 2000, and six credit hours above 4000

General Electives (0-6 credits)

General Education Requirements • See “Degree Requirements of the College .” Thirty-nine hours of general education courses must be completed as required by the university.

Art Curricula Outside the School of Art

Other undergraduate degree programs in art are offered by academic divisions outside the College of Art & Design. The College of Humanities & Social Sciences offers a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in art history. General requirements for this degree may be found in the sections, “Degree Requirements of the College ,” and “Liberal Arts ,” in the “College of Humanities & Social Sciences ” section of this catalog.

Students interested in pursuing this degree should confer with a counselor in the School of Art and the College of Humanities & Social Sciences. The art history area offers a wide range of courses in all major historical eras. Students graduating from the program are prepared to continue their education in graduate school or to enter a variety of related fields without additional training beyond the college level.