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2014-2015 General Catalog 
2014-2015 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Political Science (Graduate Program)


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Program Overview

Established in 1908, LSU’s Department of Political Science has a distinguished tradition. The faculty have included internationally recognized scholars, a president of the American Political Science Association, three presidents of the Southern Political Science Association, several Fulbright Scholars, editors of such academic journals as Journal of Politics and American Politics Quarterly, a program director of the National Science Foundation, and two members of the National Council on the Humanities. Many of these scholars are still on our faculty, and they and others serve on the editorial boards of leading political science journals. The faculty in the department have exhibited a high level of scholarly productivity. Recent professional surveys have placed the LSU Department of Political Science among the top 20 most productive departments nationwide in terms of faculty publication in the discipline’s leading journals over the recent decades.

The Department’s graduate program is comprehensive; hence, specialization is possible in many aspects of political science, including American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory. Specific programs of study, including minor fields, can be developed to meet the needs and interests of the individual student. Because graduate study involves both individual research and course work, emphasis is placed on close consultation between faculty and students. The department’s graduate students have published their research in leading scholarly journals and presented their research at major political science conferences, both in collaboration with faculty and individually.


William Clark, Chair
James Garand, Director of Graduate Studies
TELEPHONE 225-578-2141
FAX 225-578-2540
WEBSITE uiswcmsweb.prod.lsu.edu/hss/polisci/

Political Science as a Minor

MA Requirements

A minor in political science consists of six hours of coursework with an average of 3.0 or better. Coursework should be limited to one field of political science.

PhD Requirements

A minor in political science consists of twelve hours of coursework, with an average grade of 3.0 or better. Coursework will normally be limited to a single field of political science. Permission may be granted to offer courses in more than one field if, in the opinion of the minor professor, it would serve the student’s particular needs.


Applications and supporting materials for all graduate study must be submitted through the online application site for the LSU Graduate School: www.lsu.edu/gradapply. Official transcripts, official test scores, and other materials that come from third-party sources must be mailed to: Graduate Admissions, 114 West David Boyd Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803. These paper documents are stored electronically and departments have access to all materials submitted by and/or on behalf of a student applying to graduate study.

Applications for admission are received and evaluated by the department throughout the year, with a February 15 deadline for applicants seeking funding to begin study the following fall. Applicants must adhere to the application deadlines established by the Graduate School. Students seeking admission must submit satisfactory credentials from previous study, acceptable GRE scores, and three letters of recommendation from faculty who are familiar with their academic work. International students whose native language is not English must also submit an acceptable TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE score. Students who have a less extensive background in Political Science (e.g., fewer than 18 undergraduate credit hours in Political Science) may be offered provisional admission and asked to complete several undergraduate courses, perhaps concurrently with introductory graduate courses, before full admission.

Financial Assistance

The department offers a number of graduate assistantships and fellowships. Department assistantships presently provide $10,750 per year and a waiver of tuition; students are responsible for paying required university fees. No separate application is necessary to be considered for a departmental assistantship. To ensure consideration for financial aid, all application materials should be submitted by February 15 and in accordance with deadlines established by the LSU Graduate School.

Graduate Faculty

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Kathleen Bratton (M) • American politics, gender politics, state politics, legislative politics
Joseph Clare (M) • International politics, American foreign policy
William Clark (7M) • Comparative politics, comparative political institutions, specialization in Russian politics and government
Belinda Davis (M) • American politics, public policy, state politics
Johanna L. Dunaway (M) • American politics; media politics, political communication
Cecil Eubanks (M) • Contemporary political thought, existentialism, politics and literature, political theology
James Garand (M) • American national political institutions, electoral politics, public opinion, public policy, domestic political economy, research methods and statistics
Robert Kirby Goidel (M) • American politics, political participation, elections and campaign finance, public opinion, media and politics
Stacia L. Haynie (M) • American judicial politics, public law, comparative judicial behavior
Robert Hogan (M) • American politics, campaigns and elections, state politics, legislative politics
Dustin E. Howes (M) • Political theory, ancient, modern and contemporary political thought
Christopher Kenny (M) • American politics, campaigns and elections, mass political behavior, process of social influence, methodology
Wonik Kim (7M) • Comparative politics, comparative political economy, comparative social welfare policy
Christopher B. Mann (6A) • American politics, political communication, experimental research methods
Payam Mohseni (6A) • Comparative politics, Middle East politics
Kevin V. Mulcahy (M) • American national politics, presidential politics, public policy, specialization in cultural policy making
T. Wayne Parent (M) • American politics, Southern politics, electoral politics, political attitudes
Leonard Paul Ray (M) • Comparative politics, electoral politics, party politics
G. Ellis Sandoz (M) • Political philosophy, emphasis on American, European and Russian political thought
Rosanne M. Scholl (6A) • American, public opinion, political communications
David Sobek (7M) • International relations, international conflict, terrorism, civil war
James R. Stoner, Jr (M) • Political theory, English common law, American constitutionalism
Jas M. Sullivan (M) • American politics, race and ethnicity
Daniel C. Tirone (6A) • International relations, international political economy


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