Oct 20, 2021  
2012-2013 General Catalog 
2012-2013 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication Disorders, B.A.

Communication Disorders

Freshman Year (29-31 Sem. Hrs.)

  • or

  • Foreign language courses (8-10)
  • General education analytical reasoning course (from mathematics department) (3)
  • General education humanities course (3)
  • General education natural sciences course sequence (6)
  • General education social sciences course (3)
  • General education arts course (3)

Sophomore Year (33-31 Sem. Hrs.)

Senior Year (29 Sem. Hrs.)

120 Total Sem. Hrs.

Admission to a curriculum in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders requires that a student be admissible to the College of Humanities & Social Sciences and have a GPA of 2.50 or above on all work taken within the LSU System and on all work taken overall. Majors in Communication Disorders are required to take the following courses: BIOL 2160 , EXST 2201 , COMD 2050 , COMD 2081 , COMD 4150 , COMD 4153 , COMD 4190 , COMD 4250 , COMD 4380 , COMD 4381 , COMD 4382 , and COMD 4590 . For any of the following courses used to satisfy this requirement, a grade of “C” or higher is required: COMD 4380 , COMD 4381 , COMD 4382 , and COMD 4590 . Prospective students who have not attained a 2.50 average may petition the Department’s Committee of Undergraduate Advisors for a waiver of the 2.50 requirement based on special circumstances.

Consult “Degree Requirements of the College ” in this section of the catalog for specific instructions regarding electives and the general education life and physical sciences, literature, mathematics, and social sciences requirements.

*If two course natural science sequence is taken in the physical sciences, the three-hour natural science course must be taken from the life sciences, and vice versa.