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2016-2017 General Catalog 
2016-2017 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Electrical Engineering, Ph.D.

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The PhD degree is conferred only for work of distinction displaying original scholarship and marked capabilities that lead to significant scholastic achievements. In no case is the degree awarded solely on the basis of study, however intense, extending over any prescribed period of time or in recognition of faithful performance or prescribed work. A division-level academic course plan is developed in consultation with and approval of the student’s major advisor and the division’s Graduate Studies Committee. The student’s major advisor chairs the advisory committee that includes at least three members of the graduate faculty and satisfies the LSU Graduate School’s requirements for doctoral committees.

The PhD degree requires a dissertation which is a work of original scholarship. In addition, 42 hours of credit at the senior/graduate (4xxx) and graduate (7xxx) levels must be earned beyond the bachelor’s degree, not including dissertation credits (EE 9000 ). The minimum curricular requirements include the following:

  • 15 credit hours of division’s EE 7xxx courses, excluding independent study courses.
  • 27 credit hours of approved electives at the graduate (4xxx, 7xxx) levels*.

These 42 hours of coursework are subject to additional requirements including the following:

  • EE 7xx credits must be obtained at LSU in major area of the candidate.
  • Maximum nine credits of 4000-level courses are allowed.
  • Maximum three credits of EE 709x are allowed only in the approved electives area.
  • No course with a grade of “C” or below will be accepted.
  • At least 21 credits must be in EE 4xxx or EE 7xxx.

*4000-level courses counted towards the LSU B.S. degree are not accepted.

The student must pass a qualifying examination before any dissertation credits can be taken. After completing the required coursework, the student must pass a general exam in which the student defends his/her research proposal and a final exam, consisting of the dissertation defense.

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