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2013-2014 General Catalog 
2013-2014 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Human Resource Education, B.S.


Students completing this curriculum are prepared for a wide range of employment options training and development in business and industry; and human resource development.
The curriculum offers the student an opportunity to select:

  •  Human Resource & Leadership Development

Students following this path will develop a 46 hour technical core in consultation with a faculty advisor.
A special program of courses is available to prepare students for training and development careers in business, industry, and government. Students graduating from this program typically pursue careers in training and development, human resource development, training administration and consulting, classroom instruction, management development, career development, and technical training. This program emphasizes the application of education methodologies in the workplace and the unique needs of business, industry, and government.

This path includes study in principles of adult education, principles of training and development, instructional design methodologies, training delivery, administration of training programs, educational psychology, and workplace learning. Emphasis is placed on developing training professionals who have a variety of methodologies and skills to be able to respond to the diverse needs of the modern workplace. Students are also expected to develop a content specialization outside the training core as part of their program of study. The path includes sufficient flexibility for students to tailor the program to fit their career objectives as exhibited by the development of a 46-hour technical core in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Students interested in this area should contact the school prior to admission.

Area of Concentration

Human Resource & Leadership Development


SEMESTER 1: ENGL 1001 ; 2.0 Cumulative and LSU GPA.
SEMESTER 2: MATH 1021 ; 2.0 Cumulative and LSU GPA.
SEMESTER 3: MATH 1431 ; 2.1 Cumulative and LSU GPA.
SEMESTER 4: ENGL 2000 ; 2.2 Cumulative and LSU GPA.
SEMESTER 5: HRE 3071 .


Semester 1

Total Semester Hours: 15

Total Semester Hours: 15

Semester 3

  • CRITICAL: MATH 1431 ; 2.1 cumulative and LSU GPA.


  • General Education course - Humanities (3)
  • General Education course - Natural Sciences (3)1
  • Approved Human Resource and Leadership Development Technical Core Courses (6)2  

Total Semester Hours: 15

Semester 4

Total Semester Hours: 16

Semester 5

Total Semester Hours: 15

Semester 6

Total Semester Hours: 15

Semester 7

  • Approved Human Resource and Leadership Development Technical Core Courses (10)2
  • Approved Electives (4)
Total Semester Hours: 14

Total Semester Hours: 15

120 Total Sem. Hrs.

1 - If two course sequence is taken in the physical science, the additional three hour course must be taken from the life sciences, and vice versa.

2 – For the 46 hours of technical courses required, students must complete the following courses: MGT 4620 ; HRE 3171  or AEA 3101 ; HRE 3571 ; SOCL 2001 ; HRE 4805 ; three hours from CMST 2010 , CMST 2060 , CMST 2061 , CMST 2064 ; 12-hour block of approved human resource and development courses; choose either a second 12-hour block of approved specialization courses or 12 hours from a list of electives approved by the faculty; and six hours of electives.