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2013-2014 General Catalog 
2013-2014 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Veterinary Medical Sciences-Pathobiological Sciences, Ph.D.

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The emphasis in the doctoral program is placed on original and creative research. The aim of this program is to enable the student to become a self-educating scholar and researcher. The PhD Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC) consists of at least four graduate faculty members, two of whom must be from PBS. The GAC should be composed of those faculty members best qualified to direct and evaluate the student’s study plan and research. Minimal course loads are determined by the student with the approval of the GAC and to meet Graduate School requirements, but must meet the following requirements:

  1. 54 credits (the equivalent of three years of course work = nine credits/semester x six semesters) in courses numbered 4000 and above. Must include 24 hours of credit earned outside of Research Courses (VMED 8900  and VMED 9000 ).
  2. Students must fulfill the PBS Basic Core Requirements which includes the following courses (see section 6.1). The only exceptions to these requirements are outlined in Section 6.1.
    3.   (four credits)
    6.   (four credits)
    7.   for laboratory rotation (three credits)
  3. If the student declares a minor, the student must fulfill the requirements as defined by the minor department in addition to the PBS requirements.
  4. Maximum of six hours of 7002 (any department) and eight hours of 7003 (any department) may be used.
  5. Other requirements including seminars, lab rotations, and dissertation instructions can be found in the departmental Graduate Program Guidelines.
  6. Examinations
    1. Qualifying Examination: PBS does not require a qualifying examination; however, students may be required to take a qualifying examination at the discretion of the student’s graduate research mentor and/or GAC.
    2. General Examination: Students are required to take a general examination and become eligible to take the general examination after demonstrating adequate academic and professional aptitude to the GAC.The general examination is open to the members of the GAC only. The specific format of the examination will be determined by the GAC; however, the examination must include both written and oral portions. Failure of the general examination requires more than one dissenting vote. Based on the results of the general examination, the GAC can recommend additional course work. In the event that the student fails the general examination, he/she may retake the general examination. Should the student choose to retake the general examination, the examination must be completed within six calendar months. Should two members of the GAC again fail the student; the student will be dismissed from the PBS graduate program.
    3. Final Exam and Dissertation Defense: At least three weeks prior to the scheduled date of the examination, the request for the student’s final examination must be submitted by the graduate student to the GA who will forward the application to The Graduate School. The final examination and dissertation defense examines the procedure, content and student’s understanding of the work presented in the dissertation. This examination may extend into subject matter related to or distant from the dissertation.

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