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2012-2013 General Catalog 
2012-2013 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Animal, Dairy & Poultry Sciences, B.S.

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Students entering the School of Veterinary Medicine after completion of the first three years of the animal, dairy and poultry sciences curriculum (90 hours) may receive the BS degree following successful completion of the first year of the professional curriculum in veterinary medicine. (See the School of Veterinary Medicine  Bulletin for details of the first years of the professional curriculum.) Students pursuing this program will be required to establish residence in the College of Agriculture for 30 semester hours prior to entering the School of Veterinary Medicine. They also must make application for the degree through the dean‘s office in the College of Agriculture no later than 15 days after classes begin in the semester in which the degree is to be awarded.

Animal, Dairy & Poultry Sciences

Junior Year (25 Sem. Hrs.)

Senior Year (33-38 Sem. Hrs.)

  • Area of concentration courses (10-38) *
  • Electives or ROTC (23-0)

120 Total Sem. Hrs.

*The number of credit hours in each group in the junior and senior years depends on the area of concentration. The total for each year must equal that specified in the curriculum. Refer to the area of concentration or the recommended degree path for further explanation. Note: Senior year courses for students in the pre-veterinary concentration are actually courses taken in the first year of veterinarian school.

1 If a student has taken BIOL 1001  , BIOL 1002 , and BIOL 1005 , then BIOL 1011  and BIOL 1012  must be taken in the sophomore year instead of BIOL 2051 .

2 If a student chooses the science and technology area of concentration, the freshman biological sciences courses must be BIOL 1201 , BIOL 1208 , BIOL 1202 , BIOL 1209 .

Areas of Concentration

Animal Science

Dairy Production

Dairy Foods Technology

Poultry Science

Science and Technology


  • 3 hours of ANSC courses 3000 level or above and
  • 15 hours of ANSC 2000 level or above
Select 16 hours from

  • ANSC 4000 level
  • BIOL 3000 level and above
  • CHEM 2000 level and above and
  • PHYS 2000 level and above

Pre-veterinary Medicine

Animal Science courses (15 hrs.)

  • Select ANSC courses (2000 level and above).
Required courses (38 hrs.)

  • completion of first year of LSU School of Veterinary Medicine curriculum with a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.00.

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