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2012-2013 General Catalog 
2012-2013 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physics, B.S.


Three hrs. chosen from 2000 level or above

  • ENGL courses from the general education humanities list (3) or
  • HNRS courses from the general education humanities list (3)

Junior Year (30 Sem. Hrs.)

Senior Year (30 Sem. Hrs.)

120 Total Sem. Hrs.

Students planning to enter graduate school are encouraged to select a modern foreign language.

Areas of Concentration

Astronomy (24 hrs.)

Medical Physics (32 hrs.)

Physics (24 hrs.)

Required Courses (24 hrs.)

Physics and a Second Discipline (24 hrs.)

Required Courses (24 hrs.)

  • At least 24 semester hours from an approved discipline outside of the Department of Physics & Astronomy; any second area may be chosen with consent of the dean and department advisor. The approved area form must be submitted no later than the sophomore year.

Secondary Education (35 hrs.)

This concentration is part of the Geaux Teach–Math and Sciences Program. Students will obtain a degree in physics and, upon completing this concentration and meeting any additional requirements of the Louisiana Department of Education, will be eligible for certification in the state of Louisiana as teachers in grades 6-12.


EDCI 2500  will count as one of the General Education social science courses and PHIL 2786  as one of the approved social science/humanities courses. Some general education courses are taken in different years than in the standard curriculum. Students should plan their course work so that the last semester of the senior year can accommodate the 12 hours that are required to be taken concurrently (EDCI 4006  and EDCI 3136 ). PHYS 4125  and PHYS 4132  are not required for this concentration, but may be used as physics 4000 electives.