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2022-2023 General Catalog 
2022-2023 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Center for Freshman Year

Center for Freshman Year

OFFICE 150 Allen Hall
TELEPHONE 225-578-6822
FAX 225-578-5762

Every freshman student has access to the full-time counseling/advising staff. Students may obtain assistance in curriculum selection, career guidance, college study skills, and personal issues that may interfere with academic progress.

Freshmen who have decided on a field of study and who want to graduate in a minimum time should follow the freshman year curriculum suggested by the college offering the degree in their interested field of study. These curricula guides are found in the various senior college sections of this catalog. Advising assistance is available to guide students through the curricula requirements for all majors.

Students who have not decided on a field of study will initially enroll in one of the following three undecided/exploratory categories:

UNAH – Undecided with an interest in the arts or humanities
UNSE – Undecided with an interest in the sciences or engineering
UNSS – Undecided with an interest in the social sciences.

Students enrolled in these exploratory categories are expected to participate in academic and career counseling sessions during their first semester by making an appointment with a Center for Freshman Year counselor. A major should be declared by the end of the freshman year.


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