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2022-2023 General Catalog 
2022-2023 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Leadership & Human Resource Development

OFFICE 298 Coates Hall
WEBSITE https://www.lsu.edu/chse/slhrd/index.php
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  • Leadership & Human Resource Development
  • Learning Experience Design & Innovation

The BS/LHRD and the BS/LXDI programs are offered to students in multiple formats. Students can enroll in a traditional on-campus program in which courses are delivered in a 15-week semester, or they can enroll in a 100% Online program that is structured around seven and one-half week modules, or they can create a hybrid program that includes both on-campus courses and 100% online courses. Regardless of format, for each degree program students will experience the same course content, achieve the same instructional objectives and outcomes, and will be taught by the same high caliber faculty. 

BS in Leadership & Human Resource Development (BS/LHRD)

Organizations worldwide are challenged to keep pace with changing social, ecological, economic, and technological systems. In this context people are the key to organizational success and the solution to navigating today’s changing landscape. Graduates of the BS program in Leadership & Human Resource Development (LHRD) gain the knowledge and skills to help organizations develop their people to meet the challenge of change. Our graduates learn how to build a workforce that is agile, prepared for change and connected and re-energized with their work. With this degree graduates earn recognition as a human capital professional capable of conducting data-driven analysis; making data-based decisions; engaging with organizational leaders; identifying, implementing, and leading innovative solutions to organizational performance issues; and functioning as a strategic Human Resource partner in helping organizations reach their goals.

Program Highlights:

  • An innovative program focused on the development of people and teams in organizations
  • Courses taught by award-winning faculty who are respected experts in the field
  • Focus on real projects applying evidence-based methods
  • Development of the core skills required to be a human capital development partner in organizations
  • Learn to successfully lead teams and groups in workplace settings
  • Engage in real world internships to gain valuable training and experience

Students in the BS/LHRD program will experience a program that emphasizes the development and application of cutting-edge knowledge and skills.  This is accomplished through interdisciplinary coursework delivered by a faculty with extensive industry experience in courses that emphasize evidence-based learning and application.  Students participate in the E. F. Holton Internship Program that provides access to valuable internship opportunities that focus on building skills, getting real-world experience, and developing a professional network.  As a result, students leave the program prepared to work with for-profit, non-profit and governmental organizations in industries including healthcare, manufacturing, energy, transportation, retail, technology and education.  Career opportunities include training and development specialist, human resource specialist, instructional designer, corporate trainer, non-profit program coordinator and career development specialist.

BS in Learning Experience Design & Innovation (BS/LXDI)

The BS program in Learning Experience Design & Innovation (BS/LXDI) prepares students to be leaders in the design, development, and implementation of web-based and e-learning programs in the workplace.  Student learning encompasses the development and application of web-based and e-learning technologies, instructional design theories and systems, learning experience design principles, and leadership, team, and change management skills. Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Understand and apply best training and development practices to solve workplace performance problems.
  • Apply learning sciences and theories to design and implement transformative online and hybrid learning experiences and optimize the online learning environment in workplace settings.
  • Utilize cutting-edge content formats and learning models to create learning solutions to foster high levels of learner engagement.
  • Develop and utilize micro-learning, peer-generated learning, webinars, interactive modules, quick reference guides, job aids, videos, online courses, communities of practice, and other strategies that meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Consult and partner with subject-matter experts, talent management and human resource professionals, management and others to understand, identify and prioritize learning needs in the workplace.
  • Identify and apply learning analytics to monitor, assess, and demonstrate learning value and impact over time.
  • Select, evaluate, and design media and technologies to support learning online.
  • Initiate, lead and manage learning experience design projects.

The BS/LXDI is an integrated curriculum designed to build e-learning instructional design and leadership capacity in undergraduate students. It is built upon the foundation of general liberal arts coursework, a core of professional LXDI and e-learning courses, and a series of courses addressing the broad, system-spanning roles and responsibilities of human capital development leaders. This includes courses focused on leadership theories and concepts; human behavior in organizations; analysis of performance and learning needs; management of talent development; and team leadership and project management. Career opportunities include computer training specialist, corporate trainer, e-learning developer, distance learning coordinator/director, and coordinator of online programs.

Admission into the School of Leadership & Human Resource Development for the Bachelor of Science in Leadership & Human Resource Development and Learning Experience Design & Innovation

  • Students interested in enrolling in either the BS/LHRD or BS/LXDI programs must meet the basic undergraduate admission requirements as prescribed in the General Catalog for admittance to the university.   Students must  also be eligible for admission to the School of Leadership & Human Resource Development in accordance with admission and retention requirements prescribed by the College of Human Sciences and Education and must satisfy the following minimum requirements:24 earned semester hours with a 2.2 cumulative and LSU GPA;
  • English proficiency – advanced placement in credit for, or grade of “C” or better in ENGL 1001  (ENGL 1004 );
  • General Education Math proficiency – advanced placement in, credit for, or grade of “C” or better in MATH 1021  or higher

The School of Leadership & Human Resource Development is a member of the University Council for Workforce and Human Resource Education, a national consortium of leading research universities with programs in human resource development and workforce development.